Time Keeping Services

Still Using a Calculator?

Did you know traditional timekeeping methods such as: employees filling out time sheets or using the old punch card system, could be costing your company thousands of dollars per year? The average employee cheats the employer six minutes a day. Multiply that by your total number of employees, times five days a week, times 52 weeks per year and you have thousands of dollars in annual lost profits which is not counting overtime or employer matching of taxes and/or benefits.

Don't throw your money away, give us a "swipe." Our fully automated timekeeping service will save you hours in payroll preparation. If your employees can use a credit card, they can use our system.

How Electronic Timekeeping Works

Each employee is issued an electronic Priority Payroll Services Plus card. Employees clock in and out with the card through the terminal as they arrive and leave. You are notified by e-mail or fax if employees do not check in or out.

The timekeeping terminal automatically downloads (via phone line) all timekeeping information to your Priority Payroll Services Plus Service Center or to CheckConnect Online™. The information is processed and stored nightly. With this information, you can view various reports.

The day after your pay period ends, your timekeeping reports are ready, without any manual calculations from you. Once we have your approval, all you do is sign the checks and your payroll is done.

Other Features Include