Tax Plus Services

The Power to be Compliant

Priority Payroll Services Plus calculates all federal payroll taxes each pay period, electronically transfers these tax funds from your bank account and remits them the the IRS on the appropriate date. We then complete and file all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns (Forms 941 and 940). You will receive a report each payroll detailing each of these taxes for your records. Additionally, you will receive a copy of all tax returns completed and filed by Priority Payroll Services Plus.

No More Tax Penalties or Late Deposits

At Priority Payroll Services Plus , we take full responsibilty for the accuracy and timeliness of all payroll tax payments and filings, both federal and state.

Your payroll tax deposits are made on a timely basis.

Your payroll forms are filled out accurately and filed on a timely basis.

Your Agent Advocate in Tax Matters

We will serve as your agent and respond to any tax inquiry on your behalf. In matters before the IRS or state tax authority, we will act as your advocate, many times getting penalties reduced or totally eliminated.

Our favorable reputation with the IRS and other tax authorities allows us to work more easily as your agent and advocate, enabling your business to continue operations and remain compliant.

Tax+Plus - Tax Management

By using our Tax+Plus service, your business is automatically enrolled in the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), which meets the Internal Revenue Service's requirements for businesses that have to deposit their 940 and 941 payroll taxes electronically. By using this service:

End Year Preparation

Let Priority Payroll Services Plus prepare your year-end preparation.